The magazine issue that we present today was originally developed for the Erasmus+ funded partner’s project Restart+ Communities (RESTART+). Within the framework of community development and regeneration, RESTART+ strives to create innovative learning tools and resources which equip leaders of community groups, public authorities and educational institutions with the knowledge and skills needed to adopt a transformative approach to community reactivation.

What is in this issue?

RESTART+ third issue walks you through the developments within the project and the results from RESTART+ regional alliances on how to build sustainable communities (p.2). The first part of the issue has the goal to inspire communities and their development. Following on the RESTART+ projects updates, the magazine introduces you to the cornerstone of the project – a set of open resources and a course on Community rejuvenation, consisting of 6 modules for self-paced learning and training others! (p.4). Additionally, the issue draws to your attention the extensive video cases repository on the project Youtube channel – check it out and explore incredible stories of community rejuvenation!

Furthermore, the magazin you will hear the voices from our alliances. Margaret Larkin from Donegal Local Development Company discusses how COVID-19 impacted the delivery of support to community (p. 8) while Mirela Nechita, an entrepreneur from Falticeni, Suceava county, discusses how to bring tourism to a small community.

As the pre-requisite of the RESTART+ project, we recognise that helping the community to reach new peaks involves initiative from a variety of local stakeholders and their close interaction with each other. With this in mind, the issue presents the stories from Remining-Lowex, a research, development and demonstration project aiming to repurpose old industrial sites for community use (p.14) and AGROKLUB, a development that helps farmers in Adriatic region stay connected (p. 16).

We hope the selection of the articles in this issue of our magazine will motivate you to bring new practices to your own community!

We wish you a pleasant reading and stay safe!

You can download the magazine in full HERE.

Featured image by Alleksana from Pexels.

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