UCITYLAB Good Practice Case Studies

The UCITYLAB Case Study report includes presentations and analysis of 27 cases of good practices in the area of university-city cooperation, made up of 25 European and 2 global cases. Despite the discrepancies across regions, European universities are observed to have embraced their third mission activities increasingly more over the past decades. Thus, the goal of the report is to highlight existing practices and urban collaboration models to inform European HEIs who seek to find ways to engage with their cities in a sustainable manner through research and hands-on student projects.

Please see the link to the report below, available to download.


UCITYLAB Status-Quo Report

Despite the collective approval of the need for closer cooperation between the cities and the universities, there is a lack of scientific research into the intricacies of these dynamics. Despite universities and government having been consistently monitored through research studies, the peculiarities of both institutions create a need for an ad-hoc approach to the description of existing collaboration activities. The depiction of this status quo can provide a framework for future interventions, which can help institutions and individuals to understand the potential of UCC activities.

Please see the link to the report below, available to download.