UCITYLAB Challenge Toolkit

UniverCity Action Lab Challenge Teaching Toolkit provides guidance for university lecturers and study programme managers to implement a hands-on, real-life, and problem-based course module in cooperation with city stakeholders: public authorities, relevant societal representatives, or industry partners. The Toolkit was developed as an intellectual output (IO3) within the framework of the UniverCity Action Lab project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme. This is a living document that can be continuously updated with experience from practice as UCityLab courses (City Challenge Programmes) will be piloted at four project partner universities.

In the programme of the UCityLab project, four pilot City Challenge Programmes will be delivered at partner universities. In these programmes, integrated into the existing study curricula, students of different study fields will work on real-life urban sustainability challenges in various domains, such as energy, mobility, urban space or urban green areas. The UCityLab programmes will focus on applying theory into practice and vice versa. In doing this, they will lean onto the underlying theory and methodology, taught within the specific programme(s) at the partner institution.