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The UCITYLAB consortium recognises that urban challenges are complex, and thus have to be dealt with in cooperation with urban stakeholders. The project partners place the students, academics, and city municipalities in the centre for this cooperation, to facilitate the development and experimentation of the solutions together. The Networks launched in the European cities will help increase the understanding of how HEIs can contribute to the discussions regarding societal challenges and support development of new models of educational programmes, as well as encouraging the sharing of best practices.

As part of the UCITYLAB project, 4 Network communities will be launched by the partner HEIs in the cities of Porto, Ljubljana, Barcelona, Paris with the involvement of representatives including, but not limited to public authorities, NGOs, regional HEIs, smart and sustainable city initiatives, and urban development organisations. Key experiences of the HEIs in building up their networks will be recorded in a Roadmap, to facilitate replication of the engagement model and replication of it in other European regions.

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